This is what I believe I would look like if I were a Tom Cat in a Sunbeam. I would probably just sit there all day mesmerized by the glow and content with lethargy. The days activities would solely be falling in and out of a catatonic state. Get it? Cat-a-tonic? heheh… 😀

Sketch of the Day - Tom Cat in a Sunbeam - Bill Schiffbauer

Tom Cat in a Sunbeam

As a human, I have actually slept in the path of a sunbeam once or twice in my life. On a cold day it’s ideal. Although, one of the many problems with sunbeams is that it reveals the amount of dust floating in the air around you. This could possibly trigger an asthmatic attack or a sneezing fit in some people. Sometimes it’s best just to close your eyes and enjoy the warm feeling of it. That is, unless, you’re trying to comfortably watch TV on the couch in that perfect position where your clothes are not riding up on you and you’ve completely nested yourself in that body shaped dent in the pillows . But nooooo, the friggen sunbeam is shooting right through the window and into your eyes! Friggen sunbeams! 😛