Sketch a Day – Typical Sun Bather

April 7, 2017Sketch of the Day ...but not every day. :D

Although I was technically in Spain, the official language seemed to be German. Fuerteventura, in my opinion, is basically Germany’s Hawaii. I think the only time I heard Spanish was from the employees. Anyhooha, the real point of this sketch was to showcase the average body type. While hanging out around the pool, in the … Read More

Sketch a Day – Killer Mullet

April 4, 2017Sketch of the Day ...but not every day. :D

There were so many characters wandering around the resort. It was a virtual human reference buffet. For example… just when you think you’ve seen the the end of the mullet, you find it alive and well in Europe. Take this Mullet demigod for example. This Cat embraced his Mulletacious lifestyle. He was serious about it. … Read More