Turntable Artbot Art Challenge Experiment

August 30, 2017Art Challenge, YouTube

Check out my NEW Turntable Artbot Art Challenge Experiment! What happens when you mix a Portable USB #Turntable with a swingin’ #Artbot? Well, obviously something cool! Check out my new art challenge where I actually mixed the two together to make some interesting art works. I think this thing has potential. I created Scrubby for … Read More

Bristlebot DIY – How to make an Artbot Assistant

July 31, 2017Art Challenge, YouTube

  This is Part 1 of my process of making my very own ARTBOT assistant. I created Scrubby the Artbot specifically for the purpose of assisting me with some simple #art experimentation. I’ve seen bristlebots… I’ve seen art… But I haven’t seen many bristle artbots “doing” art. Ok, they’ve had markers and pens attached to … Read More

Little Bummy Bum – Monster Art Challenge With Watercolor and Micron Pens!

July 3, 2017Art Challenge, YouTube

  Mail Order Monster – Monster Art Challenge. This is Little Bummy Bum! The reason why I call it the Mail Order Monster Challenge is because I paint them on watercolor paper postcards. Some lucky person may receive on in the mail some day! 😀 ———————————————– Check out my other crap at: https://twitter.com/billschiffbauer SUBSCRIBE!: http://bit.ly/2faPGRE … Read More

Mail Order Monster – Monster Art Challenge – Monster Fish Boy

May 29, 2017Art Challenge, YouTube

  Mail Order Monster – Monster Art Challenge. This is Monster Fish Boy! This week I am trying something different. Water color and Micron pens. I also painted it on a postcard so eventually I will be mailing it to some lucky person. 😀 ———————————————– Check out my other work at: Twitter: https://twitter.com/billschiffbauer YouTube: http://bit.ly/2faPGRE … Read More

MONSTER ART CHALLENGE! The Green Speckled Fury

May 22, 2017Art Challenge, YouTube

  MONSTER ART CHALLENGE! The Green Speckled Fury – Ink Splatter Monster Challenge 5 This one was a little different. It wasn’t technically an Ink Splatter. It was more of an Ink Speckle! But either way, the results are the same. Pure Monster Awesomeness! I think of it as the great Pareidolia Experiment! ———————————————————— Check … Read More