Here is another sketch of the day… but not every day. Swan Dive Reentry. The title sounds a little odd, but there is actually some significance behind it.

Swan Dive Reentry - Bill Schiffbauer

Swan Dive Reentry

When I started sketching this it was just a doodle… trying to figure out what to draw. I couldn’t find my flow or technique. It just wasn’t happening. I started getting frustrated and impatient and gave up a few times. Then my daughter who was sitting near by said… “It’s art. It’s supposed to be fun. Just have fun with it.”

I thought…. “GRRRRrrr… NOOO…..Hmmm…blargh.. ….. … .. .. Ok.”

So I attempted to have fun with it. 🙂

Gradually it took shape and actually started to look like something. And it seemed to have some meaning as well. A two-fer! Sweet.

One thing lead to another… and voilà! Swan Dive Reentry.


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