This sketch of the day was a collaboration with the comic artist Lilixilon. It’sĀ  a Total Drama Fan Art of Gwen. Lilixilon originally drew the fan art and she agreed to allow me to color it. Rock on!

This is her sketch of Gwen from the Canadian animated comedy television series, Total Drama. Thanks for the collab Lilixilon!

Total Drama Fan Art of Gwen - Bill Schiffbauer


Fan Art and The Total Drama Fan Art of Gwen

Yes, sometimes I am a fan of fan art. But it really depends on the subject being honored and the quality of the artist who created it. And I am not speaking to the skill of the artist but but whether the artist captured that special something that makes the fan art great. In the case of this fan art of Gwen…Ā  I like the animated series… the sketch was exceptional…Ā  and I needed to color something. šŸ˜€

About the Artist

Lilixilon is a young artist living in Italy. She finds inspiration in what surrounds her everyday life, her interests and the people she meets. She has also been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil and learned various techniques of illustration from someone who is obviously a friggen awesome god-like creature… šŸ˜‰

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Rock on!