Entertained and Pacified. This just went off on its own. Once again this started out as a doodle… then at some point the dude just looked so tranquil and pacified… so just went with it and colored him. He seems to be entertained by a glowing wafty cloud of butterflies. 😀

Entertained and Pacified - Bill Schiffbauer

Entertained and Pacified

Some of these doodles end up looking like bad nightmares. Sometimes my characters seem to have this blank, expressionless and vacant stare about them. Some would call it an expression of enlightenment. But we all know it is more than likely caused by the remnant of a bit of undigested food from that secret midnight snack-attack. So to counteract that vibe, I like to add my patented all-purpose glowy swirling wisps of hope. In this case, the character was enveloped by a swarm of ghostly butterflies. I like a happy ending.