Wow, I’m really pumping these out. Here is another Sketch of the Day disaster. It all started with messing up the left arm. Then, out of spite, I just erased it and decided to make it even bigger and more out of place. That’ll show me! 😀

sketch day lefty mclongear

Lefty McLongear

Lefty was born out of a basic triangle shape. Then, with the irregular surface of my desk, odd shapes and lines would occur as I drew. Working on a surface like this sometimes works to your advantage. Especially, if you are experimenting with sketching exercises to see what develops.

I love these quick sketches. Lately I’ve learned to just let go and sketch. I usually tend to over-analyze my work and never put it out. But I have been accepting the fact that it’s going to be crooked and sometimes not so anatomically correct. So I just launch it.

The point of this exercise is to just create what’s on my mind, see the characters in the shapes, and get it out there to easily monitor my progress. Progression is the key.