Bill Schiffbauer - jorg zombie killer

Ladies and Germs… The Ping Pong Hailstorm Huge Full Auto Slingshot Gatling Gun by Jörg Zombie Killer! Artistically I am inspired by many things. But sometimes those things inspire me enough to actually create something. This picture was inspired by the YouTuber and inventor,  Jörg Sprave… A.K.A., The Slingshot Channel. He designed and built a huge full-auto slingshot Gatling Gun that non-lethally shoots ping pong balls. Good stuff. He calls it the “punisher” Gatling! Cool.

Jörg Zombie Killer

Jörg says that this gun was created for a crazy TV game show to shoot people who give wrong answers. Therefore, it has to be weak in order to avoid injuries. The shot energy is significantly lower than 0,5 Joule, so it is regarded as a toy in Germany (legally and factually).   🙂

He also hopes that customs won’t have any issues with it, because the filming of the game show will be in the UK. Fingers crossed.

Below is the video for the inspiration for this drawing. Enjoy!

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