The changing needs of a user’s experience is always pushing the limits of creativity on the web. As a creative you want to be sure your work is experienced and enjoyed by as many different people in as many different ways as possible. This means any device… any size… anywhere. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) animation, may hold the key for some animators. SVG Animation is a beautiful blend of creativity and technology.

Learn more about the benefits of SVG animations. Take a look at this amazing sample from Sarah Drasner on CodePen. It’s called Responsive Huggy Laser Panda Factory.  It is really fun to play with.

See the Pen Responsive Huggy Laser Panda Factory by Sarah Drasner (@sdras) on CodePen.

Sarah is an award-winning Senior UX Engineer at Trulia and staff writer at CSS-Tricks. You can hear Sarah talk about functional animations at Generate New York, and see here Intricate SVG animations at Generate San Francisco.