I AM THE MAD DOODLER! …and here is another quick crappy sketch. I obviously just threw it together. One of these days I will actually put some thought into it and post something worth while. 😀

Started out using Staedtler pencils of different hardness to get the first shape of the sketch. I also used the softer Staedtler pencils for initial shading.

Then for some reason I went straight in and colored it with a Pale Pink Copic marker (RV10) for a skin tone. I also used a couple different Copic cool grays for shading. For example, I used Copic Cool Gray No.5 (C-5), Copic Cool Gray No.2 (C-2), Copic Cool Gray No.3 (C-3), Copic Ice Blue (B12) for some accent color…and finally the Copic Colorless Blender (0) to try to blend and fix my big muddy mess. 😀

The next logical step was to try to give the doodle more definition by going over the lines with Micron Pens. I used Micron 05, Micron 03, and Micron 08. To get darker shadows, I used the softer tipped Faber-Castell Marker set.

To get very white highlights in the face I use a white Caran d’Ache pencil or a White Faber-Castell pencil. For the highlights in the eyes and the edge of the face, I used a Pelikan whiteout pen.

That’s about it.

Material’s List:
1, Staedtler Black Pencils
2. Winsor & Newton Paper
3. Faber-Castell Black Markers
4. Black Micron Pens
5. Copic Markers (RV10) (C-5) (C-3) (C-2) (B12) (0)
6. Pelikan whiteout pen
7. White Caran d’Ache pencil
8. White Faber-Castell pencil
9. Tortillon Stick

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