How to create a flip canvas action in Photoshop CC tutorial

Here is the quick how to create a flip canvas action in Photoshop CC tutorial. I know there are a ton of these on YouTube, but I'm going to to one anyway... because I said I would. 😀
Check out the original video:
Digital Painting Time Lapse - Cloud Creature Over Italy

1. Window ► Actions (if the Actions panel is not already visible)
2. Click the "Create new action" at the bottom right of the panel
3. When the "New Action" window pops up, rename it, and assign it to a function key, then hit "Record".
4. The recording button should now be RED.
5. Now, from the top menu, go to Image ► Image Rotation ► Flip Canvas Horizontal
6. At the bottom of the Actions panel, click the "Stop recording" square.
7. You're done and the action should be saves in the list with the other actions.
8. Test it. 😀


Also, I apologize for the poor video quality. I mistakenly recorded it at 10 fps and in mp3 format. The timing is a little off and the movements are a bit choppy ...but I am posting it anyway because I ain't doing it again. Well, I prolly will. 🙂


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