I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I really do miss turkey and Honey Baked Ham.

I created this quick little Holiday Animation using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Character Animator CC. I really wanted to try out Adobe Character Animator CC but I usually need a project to get me butt in gear. I thought this would be the perfect project. I basically scanned my work, imported it and made it dance!
I encountered a couple buggy issues while working in Adobe Character Animator CC , but it is in beta after all.
I will say that this could change a lot for so many people. You can not only use it as a “hands-on” animation tool, but it is also able to track your movements as well. I have sooooo many ideas now. 😀
Some traditional animators will definitely poo poo this. But I approached it with an open mind. I was pleasantly surprised. I actually laughed out loud when I grabbed my turkey and flailed it around. It was hilarious. And the fact that I could record what I was doing with it…. hehehehe.

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