Here is another collaboration with Lilixilon. This is our Rumour Has It Happy Thanksgiving tribute from Red and Froggy. I love collaborating with Lilixilon… especially when I am feeling lazy and don’t feel like sketching. She always has something fun to color. 😀

Happy Thanksgiving - From Rumour Has It! - Bill Schiffbauer - Lilixilon


Rumour Has It Webcomic – Happy Thanksgiving Wish

Here is a brief story behind the characters. Red is known as an evil and malicious kid. Froggy is known for being weak, but a child of good principles.

Neither of them would have ever imagined encountering the other, and neither of them would have expected the consequences of such meeting.

This is the story of two boys and their eye-opening experience of what friendship can bring.

Inspired by the short novel “Rosso Malpelo” by Giovanni Verga.