Dr. Frankenstool and His Monster Turd HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!

Halloween is my absolutest bestest favoritest holiday in the world! And it’s not just because it’s so close to my birthday. 😀 Below is an animated short I put together a while back for another project I worked on. It was just sitting there on my hard drive collecting dust so I thought I’d pick it back up, clean it right off and share it all over again. 😉 And who better to sing this Happy Halloween wish than the one and only Dr. Frankenstool and his Monster Turd. Don’t ask. 😀  Anyway, this is my Halloween wish to you.

Happy Halloween from Dr. Frankenstool and His Monster Turd

Not only does Halloween allow you pretend to be anyone or anything, but it also sparks creativity in people on such a large scale, it’s mind-blowing. In my opinion, Halloween is unrivaled by any other Holiday… period. Let’s take Italy for example. The planning, creativity and pageantry of it all has had such a draw with Italians over the years that they have taken it and adopted it as their own in ways that I couldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. But then again, we didn’t have the internet or social media back then. 🙂

I can still remember Italy’s version of Halloween back in the day. There was maybe a two foot square section of an aisle in the grocery store with witch hats, plastic bats and maybe a pumpkin or two. That was it. In fact, one year EVERY SINGLE LITTLE GIRL in my town dressed up as a witch. The town was covered in confetti and clouds of glitter and overrun with swarms of tiny pointy hatted witches running around. It was cute as heck. But THAT was Halloween in Italy. One year my daughter decided to change things up a little and went as Pipi Longstocking. That was it. The next year there were not only herds of pointy hatted little witches running around but also groups of Pipi Longstockings of every shape and size.

…and let’s not mention the hundreds of older kids in town who dressed up as punks, and defaced walls by scrawling giant multi-colored penises everywhere with spray foam, and engaged in spray foam/confetti wars in the middle of it all. But I digress. 🙂

Happily the Halloween culture here in Italy is slowly growing and developing. People are now becoming more and more creative with their costumes and also hosting events like Costume Parties and Haunted houses. I don’t think I will ever see it on the scale of an American Halloween celebration any time soon, but I believe we may get pretty darn close to it one day. I can almost taste it.

Side note… Happy Halloween Dr Frankenstool Monster Turd… hehehe… monster turd.

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Halloween è una festività di origine celtica celebrata la notte del 31 ottobre.

L’usanza si è poi diffusa anche in altri Paesi del mondo e le sue manifestazioni sono molto varie: si passa dalle sfilate in costume ai giochi dei bambini, che girano di casa in casa recitando la formula ricattatoria del trick-or-treat (dolcetto o scherzetto).