This is my method of how to use #watercolor for character design while on location. I never really paint the location I visit. I actually like to imagine the creatures that would possibly live there and tell their story.
This is the making of Globby Glen and the Elephantine Fly sketched on location in high atop Oropa. I then brought the sketch back to my office to finish up... and write a little story about Glen.
Just stick this in the Monster Art Challenge pile! Woo hoo!

Globby Glen and the Elephantine Fly
written, illustrated and narrated by Bill Schiffbauer

He floats through the air like a manatee blimp
no fuss. no frills. Just pure ebullience

He opens his mouth and clouds floats right in
This monstrous Hydrozoa-like Mammalian

What is he? You ask with pure wonderment
A Sea cow? A Jelly Fish? A “This Space for Rent”?

The answer, my friend, is so easy to comprehend
His name’s Gelatinous Glen Urquhart or just “Globby Glen”

Like others of his ilk, Glen was part of a tale
of Witches and Werewolves and creatures that wail

But Glen was a different kind of “bump in the night”
He loved every minute, every second of light.

He wondered and wandered over mountain and dale
And with every glimpse he’d forget to exhale

The simplest things would fast catch his eye
while floating across the vast quilted sky

But one thing in particular would catch his attention
Of which he had neither power nor bone of contention

Quite fortunate, indeed, he just spied with his eye
the one thing he’d eat whether baked, peeled or fried…

Its body no larger than a basket of rye
Glen’s favorite food, the Elephantine fly.

The taste, the smell, the crunch of its bone’s
is worth more to him than any king’s thrown

So with that said, he planned very hard
to catch that succulent morsel completely off guard.

Stealth and sheer speed was the plan this time
“I’ll sift through the trees and to the clouds I’ll climb”

“I’ll open my mouth and lash out my tongue
and lasso and squeeze til he’s very well done”

The fly became wise to Glen’s laser gaze
In vain the fly flew quite quickly and amazed

“How fast! I cannot believe my rut!”
As the last thing that went through his head was his butt.

into Glens gaping wide mouth the fly fell.
All the while wondering…
“Hey! How the ….how this beast kept up so well.”

Size can be deceiving and sometimes misread
But passion and focus can stand you in good stead

“Now back to the floating I live for and love!”
Said Glen as he burped with a good tummy rub.

So, what does a fly have to do with this tale?
Is it not a fable? Did he not fail?

Or was he just food for our hero’s delight
Or was he undone by dubious spite

To tell you the truth, he was only the quarry.
So, either way, he had no consequence to this story

But back to our chap who loves to live high
He’s really not bad. He’s just a hungry guy.

He lives and he loves and works for his bliss
and loves to spot things that others will miss.

He knows doing things you love takes some care
and won’t always come easy or sometimes be fair.

But if you work hard, and put out good vibes
Good things come back. To this I ascribe.
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