Sketch a Day - First PlateThis sketch is the first in a series of people study sketches I did during my visit to Fuerteventura. There were so many shapes and sizes of people it was hard to choose which one to draw first. So I would just sit back, relax and wait till one inspired me.

The perfect time to observe people was during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was served buffet-style so there was a continuous supply. I would sit there and watch people eat plate after plate piled high with food as if it were the last ounce of it and they were running out of time before it all disappeared. In some cases they would have a large and bounteous plate in each hand to save a trip. It was fascinating to watch. I was almost as guilty. 😀

As usual, my sketches are hit or miss. Sometimes they come out OK, and sometimes not. But as I say… good or bad, I will post it anyway.