Today’s Sketch of the Day is Fat Rat Freddie. Some would say he is a robust , sturdy or even a big-boned kind of rodent. You’ll also never see him scurry about with the other rats scavenging for scraps. He is more of a “wait till it falls off the table”… “shack up with a hoarder” kind of guy. Never leave a plate of cookies unattended when Freddie is around.

Sketch of the Day - Fat Rat Freddie - Bill Schiffbauer

Sketch of the Day – Fat Rat Freddie

He just looks like a Freddie. He’s a very kind and happy creature and never really bothers anyone. He doesn’t really go anywhere or do anything either. But positive things always seem to happen to him. Take Grandma Rats for example. Old Ladies Love Freddie. And BTW… that’s where he got his rap name“OLL Cool Freddie”. I guess he just reminds them of their grand kids. They get this uncontrollable urge to pinch his cheeks and feed him. Bottom line… Freddie will never starve.