Decisions Decisions - Sketch a Day

This dude was just standing there staring at the buffet. I could understand him though. There was so much food to choose from. Sometimes all you could do was just stand there and stare in awe and sometimes disbelief at the amount and variety laid out before you. However, in some cases, there was a cleanliness issue. Quite often, if not every meal, many of serving spoons and tongs were cross-purposed. Some serving utensils meant for one item would be found floating in another. Other times you’d see a motley spew of many different food items caked on single serving spoon. This made things so unappetizing and potentially dangerous for someone like me who has many food allergies. People who don’t have allergies just don’t get it.

Just be careful. It’s best to get there early before the mess starts. If you can’t, just take your time and make sure you are not accidentally cutting your vacation short… and stay close to the toilet.  🙂