Curmudgie the curmudgeon - Sketch a Day

Some people just like to be curmudgeoney. I’m not sure if he was angry at something or just normally looked that way. But as it says in my “Artist’s Note” in the sketch above…
He was just sitting there with his wife. Everything seemed normal. They ate their lunch and talked like any other couple there. Of course he had that sourpuss look on his face which is the reason for the title of this sketch. But then suddenly, without saying a word, he stood up, walked over to the garbage can, dumped his food and then just walked away without saying a word. Seconds later, after she realized he was leaving, she jumped up and literally scampered after him like a subservient little bunny. Very surreal.  🙂

I only had a chance to draw him. I would have loved to have drawn her but she hopped away so quickly. 😀