Big Deep Thoughts

May 14, 2017Character Design, digital painting

    Big Deep Thoughts was another Digital Painting created solely with my iPad from beginning to end. It was part of my people observational sketches. When you vacation at an all-inclusive resort, you tend to encounter all shapes and sizes from all over the world. It makes for great endless subject matter. I sketched … Read More

Jörg Zombie Killer – The Ping Pong Hailstorm!

April 25, 2016Character Design, digital painting, Sketch of the Day ...but not every day. :D

Ladies and Germs… The Ping Pong Hailstorm Huge Full Auto Slingshot Gatling Gun by Jörg Zombie Killer! Artistically I am inspired by many things. But sometimes those things inspire me enough to actually create something. This picture was inspired by the YouTuber and inventor,  Jörg Sprave… A.K.A., The Slingshot Channel. He designed and built a … Read More