Facial Profile – Artwork Designed Using Paper 53

Facial Profile – Artwork Designed Using Paper 53

January 17, 2014Sketches

Test sketch using Paper 53. This is Facial Profile – Artwork Designed Using Paper 53 and Pencil. Still waiting for Pencil to be shipped to Italy. Pencil now ships to Italy. I was really excited when it arrived.

Blender Conference 2013 Started Today!

October 25, 2013Animation, Festivals

Blender Conference 2013! Yes, it started today! On this cloudy October 25 the festival will run through the 26th and 27th in Amsterdam. The end of daylight saving weekend again! AND, once again… I won’t be there. Blender Conference 2013 What I really wanted to attend was The Suzanne Award / Animation Festival. It has collected … Read More

London International Animation Festival

October 14, 2013Animation

This year LIAF will be 10 years old and they say the programming will be more extensive than ever. LIAF 2013 will take place from October 25th – November 3rd and there will be screenings at the Barbican, with additional programmes at the The Horse Hospital, The Rio Cinema and The Whitechapel Gallery. Of course, … Read More

Animation Festival

September 13, 2013Animation

I love animation. I love all types. That is why I was excited to find out that the 14th Annual Computer Graphics Conference is coming to Italy. VIEWFest is an international festival on 3D cinema and animation, organized every year by VIEW Conference, that screened important world previews, the best of 3D production, retrospectives, movies, … Read More