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Bill Schiffbauer 2017 - Tiny Timmy Turd Tosser - Coming Soon!

I love everything about animation. It is hands down my most favorite art form next to music.

I have an appreciation for all styles of animation. I see it as an art form and not just a source for entertainment. In the past I've have had the opportunity to animate everything from full armature stop motion characters with an old school 16mm Bolex camera to designing characters for a complete 3D environment. Every animation style has its own special personality or characteristic that lends to the art form. I just love it.

For the most recent animation projects, I primarily used Flash. But sometimes I use Flash as well as After Effects. The primary tools I love to use are Flash, Adobe Illustrator , After Effects and a WACOM Tablet.

Below are my two most recent animation projects.

Happy Turkey Day Song

I created this quick little Holiday Animation using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Character Animator CC. I really wanted to try out Adobe Character Animator CC. I thought this would be the perfect project.

This is an example of a VERY simple animation process. I basically scanned in my work, imported it into Adobe Character Animator, and made it dance! Very simple and very quick. Enjoy!

The Ministry of Silly Walk Cycles

The complete working title of this is "The Ministry of Silly Walk Cycles - Mr. Squeezy's Lament" 

This is an example of a more involved, hand drawn animation style. I drew each and every frame.

So, anyway, here are the details of the short.
- Hand drawn from beginning to end in Flash.
- Audio was recorded with Soundbooth.
- Audio timing/sfx with with Premiere
- Compiled it all with After Effects

I create all of the music and sound effects for my personal projects.

If you have any question or comments, please feel free to Contact me .